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1. Superstition Surrounding Photography

Photography has long been surrounded by superstitions and beliefs, one of the most prominent being the idea that taking a person’s photo traps their soul within the image. This superstition stems from the belief that a photograph has the power to capture the essence of a person, freezing a moment in time that is believed to contain a piece of their soul.

For Kaliq, this superstition takes on a whole new meaning. As someone with the ability to manipulate images and memories, the idea that a photograph can trap a soul holds a deeper significance. Kaliq’s unique powers allow him to see beyond the surface of a photo, tapping into the emotions and memories stored within the image. In a way, Kaliq is able to connect with the souls trapped within the photographs he encounters, using his abilities to unlock their stories and secrets.

Furthermore, the superstition surrounding photography and soul-capturing adds an intriguing layer to Kaliq’s character development. It raises questions about the nature of his powers and the ethical implications of delving into the memories of others. As Kaliq navigates through his journey, he is forced to confront the superstitions and beliefs that shape his abilities, leading to a deeper understanding of himself and the world around him.

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2. Privacy and Distrust

Kaliq’s deep-rooted issues with privacy and trust run deep within him, shaping his aversion to cameras and photography. Throughout his life, Kaliq has struggled to trust others, often feeling vulnerable and exposed when his privacy is invaded. This feeling stems from childhood experiences of betrayal and abandonment, leaving him with a deep sense of fear and unease when it comes to opening up to others.

As a result of these experiences, Kaliq has developed a strong aversion to cameras and photography. For him, being photographed feels like an invasion of his personal space and a violation of his privacy. The idea of having his image captured and shared with others without his consent fills him with a sense of dread and discomfort.

This aversion to cameras has caused Kaliq to miss out on capturing important moments in his life, as well as distancing himself from friends and family who enjoy photography. Despite their best intentions, others’ attempts to include him in photos only serve to reinforce his feelings of distrust and unease.

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3. Trauma and Past Experiences

Exploring the events from Kaliq’s past reveals deeply-rooted traumas that have contributed to his aversion to being photographed. These traumatic experiences have left a lasting impact on Kaliq, manifesting in a significant fear of cameras. The reasons behind his reluctance to be captured on film are key to understanding his complex relationship with photography.

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4. Physical and Psychological Effects of Camera Flash

Camera flashes can have both physical and psychological effects on individuals. The sudden burst of bright light can cause discomfort and even pain to those being photographed. This physical reaction can be intensified for some individuals, such as Kaliq, who may have a heightened sensitivity to light.

Aside from the physical discomfort, the psychological implications of camera flashes can also play a significant role in Kaliq’s unease with being photographed. The bright flash can be startling and intrusive, disrupting the moment and making the subject feel vulnerable and exposed. This can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and discomfort, especially for someone like Kaliq, who may already have reservations about being in the spotlight.

Furthermore, the act of being photographed itself can evoke feelings of anxiety and pressure for some individuals. This pressure to look a certain way or to present oneself in a certain light can be overwhelming, particularly when combined with the harshness of a camera flash. For Kaliq, these physical and psychological effects may contribute to his overall unease and discomfort with being captured on camera.

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