Brand New Animal

1. Lily’s World

Join 6-year-old Lily Krank on her fantastical journey through life as a flamingo beastman, growing up in a world inhabited by other beastmen. With her loving beastman parents by her side, Lily navigates the ups and downs of childhood, learning about her unique abilities and discovering the beauty of her beastman heritage.

As Lily explores her surroundings, she encounters a variety of other beastmen who each possess their own special traits and characteristics. From flying squirrels to bison, Lily learns to appreciate the diversity within her community and forms lasting friendships with those around her.

Through the eyes of Lily, readers are transported to a magical world where imagination knows no bounds, and the bonds of family and friendship reign supreme. Join Lily as she laughs, plays, and embarks on exciting adventures, all while coming to terms with what it means to be a beastman in a human-dominated society.

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2. Danny’s Passion

Delve into the world of Lily’s father, Danny Krank, a once ordinary human who now fully embraces his new life as a beastman chef. Despite the challenges that come with his unique transformation, Danny has discovered a newfound passion for creating delectable meals for his fellow beastmen. His culinary skills have quickly gained recognition within the beastman community, with many individuals seeking out his creations for their next meal.

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3. Sarah’s Empathy

Sarah Krank, Lily’s mother, is a dedicated teacher at a school for beastmen children. She plays a crucial role in helping these children adjust to their transformations. Sarah’s empathy and understanding make her a trusted figure among the beastmen community.

At the school, Sarah creates a welcoming and safe environment where beastmen children feel accepted and supported. She listens to their concerns, fears, and struggles, providing them with comfort and guidance. Sarah’s caring nature shines through in her interactions with the students, leading to positive changes in their lives.

Through her work, Sarah helps beastmen children embrace their unique identities and navigate the challenges that come with their transformations. She empowers them to see the beauty in their differences and to be proud of who they are. Sarah’s impact extends beyond the classroom, as she fosters a sense of community and belonging among the beastmen children.

Overall, Sarah’s empathy plays a crucial role in the lives of beastmen children, helping them build confidence, resilience, and self-acceptance. Her dedication to supporting and uplifting these young individuals showcases the power of compassion and understanding in making a difference.

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4. The Mystery of Belly Rubs

Beastmen have a unique communication style that can sometimes be difficult for humans to understand. One of the most puzzling aspects of their behavior is the desire for belly rubs. While some beastmen may enjoy having their bellies rubbed, others may not be so keen on it. This can lead to confusion for those trying to interact with them.

There are a few subtle cues that beastmen may give when they want belly rubs. Some may roll onto their backs and expose their stomachs, while others may nuzzle or paw at their human companions. Paying attention to these signals can help humans determine if a beastman is open to receiving belly rubs.

However, it is important to remember that not all beastmen enjoy belly rubs. Some may see it as a sign of dominance or aggression, leading to discomfort or even aggression. It is essential to always approach a beastman with caution and respect their boundaries.

Understanding the mystery of belly rubs can enhance the bond between humans and beastmen. By learning to interpret their unique communication style and respecting their preferences, humans can build trust and strengthen their relationships with these mysterious creatures.

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