Blood Rising

1. Confronting the Queen

In this section, Cattiseye finally gathers the courage to confront the Blood Queen, seeking answers about her intense hatred towards humans and the rationale behind the invasion that has caused chaos and destruction. With her heart racing, Cattiseye approaches the imposing figure of the Blood Queen, who sits on her throne with an air of authority.

As she stands before the Queen, Cattiseye bravely speaks up, her voice steady despite the fear gnawing at her insides. She questions the Blood Queen about her motives, wanting to understand what led her to unleash such devastation upon the human realm. The tension in the room is palpable as the Queen regards Cattiseye with a mix of curiosity and disdain.

The conversation that ensues is tense and fraught with emotion. Cattiseye listens intently as the Blood Queen reveals her deep-seated resentment towards humans, stemming from a long history of betrayal and cruelty at the hands of mankind. Her words are laced with bitterness and anger, painting a vivid picture of the pain and suffering she has endured.

Despite the Queen’s harsh demeanor, Cattiseye persists in her inquiries, determined to uncover the truth behind the invasion. Through their exchange, secrets are unearthed, and truths are revealed that shake Cattiseye to her core. As the confrontation reaches its climax, Cattiseye is left grappling with newfound revelations that challenge her understanding of the world around her.

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