Blood Rising

1. Cattiseye’s Embarrassment

Cattiseye finds himself in a rather awkward situation where he unintentionally meows in front of the Blood Queen and the other monsters. This embarrassing moment leaves Cattiseye feeling mortified as he realizes his mistake in a room full of formidable creatures.

As Cattiseye’s meow echoes in the grand hall, the Blood Queen raises an eyebrow in surprise while the other monsters exchange puzzled glances. Cattiseye’s cheeks flush with embarrassment, and he quickly tries to explain himself, but the damage has already been done.

Despite his best efforts to regain his composure, Cattiseye can’t help but feel like he has made a fool of himself in front of the very beings he was trying to impress. The awkward silence that follows only serves to heighten his embarrassment, making him wish he could disappear into thin air.

Throughout the rest of the encounter, Cattiseye struggles to shake off the embarrassment of his meowing blunder. He learns a valuable lesson about being mindful of his actions and words in the presence of others, especially those who command respect and authority.

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