Blonde Blue-Eyed Princesses

1. The Mother’s Passing

After the queen, who is the mother of the ten blonde blue-eyed princesses, passes away, each princess clings to her own golden stick. This stick is not just a piece of gold but symbolizes the right to the throne that each princess holds dear.

The passing of their mother, the queen, leaves the princesses in a state of mourning and uncertainty. They must now come to terms with the loss of their beloved mother, while also preparing for the inevitable changes in their lives as the line of succession is now in question.

As the princesses each hold onto their golden sticks, they are reminded of the weight of their responsibilities and the challenges that lay ahead as they navigate through the complexities of royal life without their guiding force.

With the passing of the queen, the dynamics within the royal family are sure to shift, as each princess grapples with their own emotions and the realization of what it means to truly carry the burden of the crown.

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2. The Argument

As the princesses argue in a round circle, each claiming to be the rightful heir, they realize that only one with blue eyes can rule and the eldest, born at the same time, demands her birthright.

Argument Among the Princesses

The scene unfolds with the princesses standing in a circle, voices raised as they each insist on their right to the throne. The tension is palpable as they debate fervently, each one determined to prove her lineage and claim the crown.

Realization of the Blue Eyes’ Rule

Amidst the chaos of the argument, a sudden realization dawns upon the princesses – only the one with blue eyes can rightfully ascend the throne. This revelation brings a moment of stunned silence as they all look at each other, each recognizing the significance of this new condition.

The Eldest’s Demand

As the eldest princess, born at the same time as her sisters, stands tall and proud, she asserts her birthright with unwavering determination. Her voice cuts through the confusion, demanding that she be acknowledged as the rightful heir based on her seniority and the newfound criteria of blue eyes.

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3. The Power Struggle

After fervently praying to their mother for guidance, she bestows her blessings upon each of her daughters. However, the harmony is short-lived as the sisters adamantly refuse to share the throne. This refusal sets off a fierce power struggle within the royal family, with each sister vying for control and dominance.

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