Blame Game

1. The Argument

Within the confines of an empty grand hall, a group of identical Indian women clad in somber black garments engage in a heated argument. Each woman passionately points fingers at the others, assigning blame for their recent defeat at the hands of the skilled Naagrani Shivanya.

The atmosphere is charged with tension as accusations fly back and forth. The women’s voices echo off the grand hall’s walls, emphasizing the intensity of their frustration and anger. Despite their identical appearances, each woman possesses a distinct voice and demeanor, adding depth to the conflict unfolding before them.

As the argument escalates, emotions run high and tempers flare. In the dimly lit grand hall, the women’s gestures and expressions reveal their deep-seated resentment towards one another. The blame game continues unabated, with each woman vehemently defending her actions while condemning those of her counterparts.

Ultimately, the scene encapsulates a moment of intense discord and internal strife within the group. The loss against Naagrani Shivanya has left them shattered and embroiled in a bitter dispute, highlighting the challenges they face in overcoming their shared defeat.

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