Beach Ball Bullies

1. The Perfect Villains

A group of 20 year old girls with flawless bikini bodies turn into mean and sadistic bullies at the local pool.

Introduction of the Villains

The girls, aged around 20, caught everyone’s attention with their flawless bikini bodies as they lounged by the poolside. They seemed like the perfect picture of beauty and youth.

The Transformation

However, as soon as they jumped into the pool, their attitude took a drastic turn. They started picking on other pool-goers, making fun of people’s appearances and taunting them with cruel remarks. Their once charming demeanor was now overshadowed by their mean and sadistic behavior.

The Impact

Their actions created a toxic atmosphere at the pool, with other visitors feeling uncomfortable and intimidated by the mean girls. People started avoiding the pool when they knew the villains would be there, afraid of becoming the target of their bullying.


Despite their perfect exterior, the girls proved to be the perfect villains at the local pool, using their beauty as a weapon to hurt others. Their transformation from attractive girls to mean bullies serves as a reminder that looks can be deceiving.

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2. The Ultimate Prank

The chaos began as the mischievous girls decided to take their prank to the next level. With a twinkle in their eyes, they slyly snuck up to families enjoying their day at the beach, and one by one, they stole their beachballs. Laughter and giggles filled the air as they collected their loot, feeling the anticipation of what was to come.

Once they had gathered enough beachballs, the girls began to deflate them slightly and then started biting holes in them. The sound of popping plastic echoed across the beach, drawing the attention of everyone around. Families gasped in shock as they witnessed the deliberate destruction of their beloved beach toys.

Chaos ensued as the girls continued their antics, biting holes in beachballs with reckless abandon. Panic and fear spread through the crowd, as people scrambled to protect their own belongings. Children cried, and parents shouted as they tried to make sense of what was happening in front of them.

The ultimate prank had been executed, leaving a trail of confusion and disbelief in its wake. The girls reveled in the commotion they had caused, their faces flushed with exhilaration. As the chaos settled, they disappeared into the crowd, leaving behind a memorable scene that would be the talk of the beach for days to come.

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3. Cruel Intentions

They exhibit cruel intentions by pushing kids off inflatable toys, causing them to tear apart, leaving behind only shreds of vinyl floating in the pool.

Children innocently enjoy playing on inflatable toys in the pool, blissfully unaware of the cruel intentions lurking beneath the surface. While they happily bounce and frolic, a group of malicious individuals secretly plot to ruin their fun. Without warning, these perpetrators target the children, aggressively shoving them off the inflatable toys. The force of the push causes the toys to tear apart, leaving behind scattered pieces of vinyl floating in the pool.

The aftermath of this cruelty is devastating. The once joyous atmosphere turns somber as the children’s laughter is replaced with cries of distress. Parents rush to the scene, trying to understand what happened and comfort their traumatized children. The perpetrators, meanwhile, revel in their destructive actions, satisfied with the chaos they have caused.

This display of cruelty is not only harmful to the children physically but also emotionally. The experience leaves a lasting impact on the victims, instilling fear and distrust. It highlights the darker side of human nature and the potential for harm even in seemingly innocent settings.

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