Arabic Mentor Search: Using AI to Grow Businesses


I was searching for an Arabic marketer to be my mentor while utilizing AI to grow businesses. I had just started my graduation project at Elrashidi Elmizan Factories, focusing on increasing productivity and reducing waste in the Lean Six Sigma process. At the same time, I was honing my skills as a copywriter, learning from Dan Lok and diving into various books.

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As I delved into my projects, I realized the challenges of conducting research to write copy manually before the advent of Chatgpt. Once Chatgpt was launched, I began using it to conduct research, delve deeper into content creation, write scripts, and even utilize it for analysis and brainstorming for my graduation project.

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I started building systems to create videos with AI and craft engaging posts effortlessly. The power of AI allowed me to generate images containing hundreds of lines with just a single command. With the combination of productivity techniques and AI-driven marketing, I saw the potential for businesses to skyrocket.

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Despite encountering foreign mentors offering courses, I was drawn to the idea of a mentor with extensive marketing experience who could help me leverage my productivity skills and AI knowledge. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an internship opportunity as an AI marketing/sales specialist at, and I knew it was my chance to connect with a mentor.

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Driven by excitement, I immediately began researching the company and came across your name. Despite facing obstacles in reaching out to you via email and booking a call, I am determined to connect with you. This message serves as an invitation to meet in person and explore the possibility of collaboration.

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