Apparition from God’s Own Country

1. Introduction

The quaint coastal city of Kochi in Kerala, teeming with palm-fringed shorelines, bustling spice markets, and the timeless charm of Fort Kochi, sets the perfect backdrop for our story. In this serene landscape, we are introduced to Retina and Anand, an affable young couple deeply in love.

Retina, an accomplished Kathak dancer, and Anand, a pragmatic journalist, were on the cusp of starting a new chapter in their life. Having recently announced their soon-to-be parenthood, their excitement was beyond words. In order to accommodate their growing family and seeking a peaceful community, they decide to move into the southern city of Kochi.

Upon their arrival in Kochi, they were pulled towards an antiquated mansion, a colossal structure standing tall amidst the emerald backdrop, its old charm perfectly intact. With bolts of nostalgia and curiosity striking them, the mansion felt not just like a house but a mirror reflecting centuries-old stories. It had been unoccupied for many years, shrouded in mystery, waiting patiently for its new residents. Their fascination led them to the decision of making this their home, oblivious to the secrets it held within.

Little did they know this decision would lead to a series of spine-chilling experiences that would test their love, courage, and willpower, pushing their limits as they tumbled into the enigmatic world of supernatural occurrences.

An ancient mysterious mansion in lush green surroundings in Kerala

2. The Haunting Begins

Their first night in the mansion was as normal as could be. However, as days turned into weeks, the tranquil image they had of their new home began to shatter. It started subtly, almost unnoticeable. Flickering lights, despite the new bulbs. Objects would shift from their places, casting peculiar shadows that danced around the room, creating chilling silhouettes against the ancient walls of the mansion. Whispers echoed in their ears when no one was around and cool gusts of wind brushed past them in closed rooms.

Each passing day seemed to awaken the mansion, giving life to its inexplicable corners. One night, a thunderstorm hit Kochi, power lines crashed, and the mansion was plunged into darkness. The dibbuk box of eerie occurrences was flung open. The shadows began to move on their own, forming obscure figures, and eerie voices whispered indistinctly through the halls, crescendoing into deafening screams that petrified the couple.

Doors would slam shut, shattering the eerie silence, and windows would creak open, letting the bone-chilling wind inside. Retina’s cherished heirlooms would go missing, only to reappear in the most unlikely places. The once peaceful mansion was turning into a theatre of the bizarre. The dreams of their serenity-filled parenthood faded as the haunting in their abode escalated. These unusual incidents, initially dismissed as figments of imagination, soon became a petrifying daily occurrence, marking the beginning of their haunting ordeal.

Shadowy figures and flickering lights in an old haunted mansion

3. Unwinding the Past

True to his profession, Anand’s investigative instincts were sparked by the bewildering phenomena in his home. Determined to solve the mystery, he delved deep into local archives, dusty records, and narratives narrated by the aged locals, accessing the mansion’s chronicles buried under the veneer of time.

The mansion, it turned out, was once the residence of an affluent landlord, known for his cruel ways and opulence. The most captivating part of the history was Balan’s tale – a loyal servant of the landlord, unjustly accused of stealing the landlord’s precious gemstone, a crime he had not committed.

Despite Balan’s earnest pleas and tear-filled denials, the perverted system of the time proclaimed him guilty. He was then brutally executed as retribution for the apparent theft, his cries for justice echoing in the cold hallways of the mansion. The locals believed that Balan’s spirit still resided in the mansion, haunted by the injustice served to him, seeking redemption.

Caught up in this tragic tale, Anand was filled with deep empathy for Balan. The strings of spectral activity they were experiencing seemed tied tightly to the unjustly repudiated soul of Balan. The past was not just history; it was very much alive, lurking around every corner of the mansion, looming over their heads, reminding them of the grave injustices the mansion’s old stones had witnessed.

An investigative journalist exploring ancient archives of a haunted mansion

4. A disturbed Present

Amid these chilling discoveries, Retina, now heavily pregnant, began experiencing chilling nightmares that transcended sleep and reality. Night after night, her dreams would transport her back in time, making her witness the brutal execution of Balan. The pitiful cries for justice, the trembling fear, the unbearable pain – she felt it all in her vivid and horrifying dreams.

She would wake up drenched in sweat, her heart pounding against her chest, fearful of the nights yet to come. Her days weren’t spared either. She would see Balan’s apparition in mirrors, hear his cries over the chirping birds, and feel his pain through objects he once held. The mansion, once envisaged as an abode of their shared dreams, was becoming an amphitheatre of torment.

The couple, feeling the chills of dread, began to realise their dream-life was distorting into a nightmarish ordeal. The prospect of nurturing their forthcoming child in an environment so eerie and sinister was distressing. Their aspirations for a peaceful familial life seemed obscured by the terrifying experiences the mansion subjected them to.

Their once serene life was now intertwined with a tormented spirit’s tragically disturbed past. Their present was technically a living echo of Balan’s unjust death – a bleak reminder of the encompassing and enduring influence of injustice.

Terrified pregnant woman experiencing nightmares in an ancient haunted mansion

5. Seeking Help

Driven to the edge by the escalating spectral activities, Anand and Retina decided to seek help. Their desperate quest for a solution led them to Kuttan, a respected Theyyam artist in the local community. Kuttan was a man of great spiritual depth. His deep-set eyes and serene persona held an air of mystery and spiritual intensity. Tradition claimed that he had hereditary psychic abilities, being born in a lineage of Theyyam ritual performers who had communication lines open with the spirit world.

Upon being informed about the couple’s ordeal, Kuttan agreed to lend his assistance. After a meticulous examination of the mansion and its tormented atmosphere, he confirmed Balan’s lurking presence. Sensitivity tingling with the pervading raw emotions and unpaid dues of the mansion, Kuttan felt the unquenchable thirst Balan’s spirit had for justice.

Employing his spiritual powers and long-practiced Theyyam rituals, Kuttan attempted to communicate with Balan, assuring him of his intentions to precipitate justice. He promised Balan’s unrestful spirit that they would unfold the truth behind the stolen gemstone, bringing the real culprits to light, thereby setting things straight.

Kuttan’s assurances reflected a glimmer of hope between Anand and Retina. Filled with anticipation and fear, they embarked on the journey to unveil the truth with Kuttan, hoping it would bring peace to their disturbed lives and Balan’s wandering soul.

Theyyam artist performing rituals to communicate with a restless spirit

6. The Resolution

Under Kuttan’s guidance and through a series of intense rituals and investigations, the true face of the real culprit behind the theft emerged from the shrouds of deception. It was revealed to be the landlord’s conniving son who had been overcome with greed designs to appropriate the costly gem for himself.

The shocking truth spread across the village, dismaying the landlord, and alarming the community. The bitterness of this deception cut deeper into their hearts than the fear of the haunted mansion. A wave of collective regret swept through the village. The righteousness of Balan’s spirit and the tragic injustice he was served became manifest truth.

Kuttan, with his steadfast faith and spiritual prowess, communicated this to the unsettled spirit of Balan. It was a cathartic moment for the entire village as they witnessed the symbolic justice being served. The tranquillity that then swept the mansion was palpable. The chilling uneasiness was replaced with a serene calm; the whispers became the quiet hush of peacefulness.

As if heaving a sigh of relief after centuries, the mansion absorbed the peacefulness, marking an end to the haunting ordeal. The place which once cowered under the fears of the unseen was now a loving beacon of justice. A sense of closing and peace prevailed, sealing tranquillity in the mansion once again.

Spirit dissipating in peaceful resolution after truth is revealed

7. An Everlasting Peace

After the harrowing ordeal, a sense of calmness and tranquility permeated the mansion. The horrifying echoes of the past had quieted, leaving only the faint whispers that hummed stories of redemption. Each brick, each panel, and each crevice seemed to sigh in relief as if shedding off centuries-old burdens. Balan’s spirit, finally at peace, seemingly had moved on from the realms of the living.

It was in this newfound serenity that Retina and Anand saw a glimpse of the home they had originally envisaged. With fear no longer gripping their hearts, they began revamping the mansion’s life, filling it with joy, laughter, and love. Retina, now freed from the terrifying visions and nightmares, welcomed the tranquility with open arms. Their yet unborn child would no longer enter a world disrupted by spectral presences.

Life gradually returned to the mansion, and happiness began to bloom. Patronising the place that had witnessed such grave injustice, Anand adopted the cause of pursuing justice in his journalistic endeavors.

The soothing symphony of the calm sea breeze of Kochi, coupled with the echoes of a redeemed past, created a serene harmony that echoed the mansion’s walls. It was the place they called home, resplendent with an enduring peace that was once a haunting surrender to an aggrieved spirit’s plight.

Couple enjoying peaceful life in the now serene tranquil mansion

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