Apology to Harambe

1. At the Gates of Heaven

As the sun set on a warm summer evening, a zookeeper took his last breath and found himself standing at the gates of Heaven. Before him stood St. Peter, his eyes kind and welcoming.

The zookeeper’s heart raced as he waited for St. Peter to speak. Was he truly at the gates of Heaven? Could this be the afterlife he had always hoped for?

St. Peter smiled gently at the bewildered zookeeper, sensing his uncertainty. “Welcome, my child,” he said. “You have led a life dedicated to caring for God’s creatures, and now it is time for you to enter the gates of Heaven.”

Overwhelmed with gratitude, the zookeeper followed St. Peter through the pearly gates, his heart brimming with joy and peace. As they walked through the golden streets, the zookeeper marveled at the beauty that surrounded him.

Finally, they reached a magnificent garden filled with vibrant flowers, exotic animals, and a sense of serenity unlike anything the zookeeper had ever experienced. Tears of awe welled up in his eyes as he realized that he had found his eternal home.

With a sense of belonging that he had never known before, the zookeeper stepped further into the garden, ready to embrace this new chapter of his existence in the arms of Heaven.

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2. A Chance for Redemption

Upon entering the gates of heaven, the zookeeper is met by St. Peter, who, with a stern expression, informs him of the task that lies ahead. The zookeeper’s heart sinks as he learns that he must face Harambe the gorilla and apologize for his past actions.

As the zookeeper walks towards Harambe’s enclosure, memories of the fateful day flood his mind. He recalls the chaos that ensued, the tragedy that unfolded, and the backlash that followed. Guilt weighs heavily on his shoulders as he approaches the majestic gorilla, who gazes at him with eyes that seem to understand the depths of his remorse.

St. Peter watches silently as the zookeeper gathers his courage and speaks from the depths of his soul. He offers a heartfelt apology to Harambe, acknowledging the pain and suffering he caused. Tears well up in his eyes as he asks for forgiveness, knowing that words alone cannot undo the past.

After a moment of silence, Harambe reaches out a hand towards the zookeeper, a gesture of acceptance and compassion. In that moment, a sense of peace washes over the zookeeper, a glimmer of hope for redemption.

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3. The Consequences of Not Apologizing

St. Peter warns the zookeeper that failing to apologize to Harambe will result in facing Lucifer.

When an apology is not given, the consequences can be severe. St. Peter’s warning to the zookeeper serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging wrongdoing and seeking forgiveness. By refusing to apologize, one opens themselves up to the possibility of facing Lucifer, the ultimate consequence of their actions.

Apologizing is not just about admitting fault; it is about showing respect and empathy towards those who have been wronged. Failure to apologize can lead to strained relationships, resentment, and ultimately, a sense of isolation. By avoiding an apology, individuals risk falling into a cycle of negative emotions and guilt that can be difficult to break free from.

Furthermore, by not apologizing, one may also be denying themselves the opportunity for personal growth and reflection. Apologies allow individuals to learn from their mistakes, make amends, and strive to be better in the future. Without this process, individuals may continue to make the same errors, causing harm to themselves and those around them.

In conclusion, the consequences of not apologizing can be far-reaching and damaging. St. Peter’s warning serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of humbly acknowledging one’s faults and seeking forgiveness before it is too late.

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4. A Promise to Apologize

The zookeeper makes a decision to extend his deepest regrets to Harambe as a means of sidestepping a potentially discomforting encounter with the formidable Lucifer. Realizing that an apology is his best course of action, the zookeeper sets out to rectify the situation that led to Harambe’s dissatisfaction.

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