Annawon’s Doctor Visit

1. Doctor’s Examination

Annawon, a Native American man, made an appointment to see his doctor for a routine check-up. As he entered the clinic, he was greeted warmly by the receptionist and ushered into the waiting area. The walls were adorned with vibrant paintings depicting traditional Native American art, which made Annawon feel a sense of connection to his heritage.

After a short wait, Annawon was called in to see the doctor. The doctor, Dr. Patel, was a kind and understanding woman who had been Annawon’s physician for many years. She started the examination by checking Annawon’s vital signs and asking him about his overall health and any concerns he may have had.

Dr. Patel then proceeded to conduct a physical examination, carefully listening to Annawon’s heart and lungs and checking his reflexes. She also inquired about Annawon’s lifestyle habits, such as his diet and exercise routine, in order to assess his overall well-being.

Throughout the examination, Dr. Patel made sure to explain everything she was doing and why it was important for Annawon’s health. She also took the time to address any questions or uncertainties he had, making sure he felt informed and involved in his own healthcare.

As the examination came to an end, Dr. Patel commended Annawon on his commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and encouraged him to continue taking care of himself. Annawon left the clinic feeling reassured and grateful for the personalized care he had received.

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2. Listening to Heart and Lungs

After Annawon removes his shirt, the doctor places the stethoscope on his chest to listen to his heart. The doctor listens for any irregularities in the rhythm or sounds of the heartbeat. The process is repeated on different areas of the chest to ensure a thorough examination of the heart.

Next, the doctor moves the stethoscope to Annawon’s back to listen to his lungs. As Annawon breathes in and out, the doctor listens for any abnormalities in the sounds of air moving through the lungs. This helps the doctor assess the overall health of Annawon’s respiratory system.

Throughout the examination, the doctor pays close attention to any signs of wheezing, crackles, or other abnormal sounds that could indicate underlying health issues. By carefully listening to Annawon’s heart and lungs, the doctor gathers valuable information to make an accurate diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment.

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3. Palpating Chest and Abdomen

After asking Annawon to remove his trousers and lie down on the examination table, the doctor proceeds to palpate his chest and abdomen. This process involves using the hands to feel for abnormalities or tenderness in these areas. By applying gentle pressure, the doctor can assess the texture, size, and consistency of the organs within the chest and abdomen.

Importance of Palpation

Palpating the chest and abdomen is crucial for identifying any potential issues with the heart, lungs, liver, or other organs. It allows the doctor to check for swelling, masses, or irregularities that may indicate underlying health conditions. Palpation is a hands-on technique that provides valuable information about the patient’s overall well-being.


During the palpation procedure, the doctor will systematically press on different areas of Annawon’s chest and abdomen to assess for any pain or discomfort. They may also listen for abnormal sounds or vibrations that could suggest an underlying problem. The doctor will communicate with Annawon throughout the process to ensure his comfort and cooperation.


Palpating the chest and abdomen is a standard part of a physical examination. It helps the doctor gather valuable information about the patient’s health and detect any potential concerns. By performing this hands-on assessment, the doctor can provide personalized care and recommendations based on Annawon’s specific needs.

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