Angelina’s Needs


Angelina, a 22-year-old who needs to be treated like a baby, communicates through crying.

Angelina is a young woman who requires special care and attention due to her unique communication style. At the age of 22, she still relies on crying to express her needs and emotions, much like a baby would. This behavior sets her apart from others her age, presenting a challenge for those around her to understand and meet her needs effectively.

For Angelina, crying serves as her primary form of communication. It is through tears and wails that she conveys hunger, discomfort, pain, or any other discomfort she experiences. While this method may seem unusual to some, it is the only way she knows how to express herself, making it essential for those caring for her to recognize and interpret her cries accurately.

Understanding Angelina’s unique communication style requires patience, empathy, and a keen ability to read her emotions. Caregivers and loved ones must pay close attention to the pitch, intensity, and duration of her cries to decipher what she needs at any given moment. This level of attentiveness and sensitivity is crucial in providing Angelina with the support and care she requires to thrive and feel understood.

In a world where verbal communication is often taken for granted, Angelina’s reliance on crying as a means of expressing herself serves as a poignant reminder of the diverse ways in which individuals communicate. By embracing and accommodating her unique communication style, those around Angelina can foster a deep sense of connection and understanding, ensuring that her needs are met with compassion and respect.

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Angelina becomes fussy and cranky one day, prompting her brother to pick her up.

Angelina’s Mood Shifts

One day, without warning, Angelina’s mood suddenly shifts. She becomes fussy and seems to be on the verge of a temper tantrum. Her brother notices her distress and realizes that she may need comforting.

Brother’s Loving Gesture

Seeing his sister in need, Angelina’s brother swiftly swoops in and picks her up. He cradles her in his arms, soothing her with gentle whispers and reassuring touches. He knows just how to calm her down and make her feel secure.

Sibling Bond Strengthens

Through this simple act of picking her up, Angelina’s brother demonstrates his care and love for his sister. Their bond strengthens as he shows his commitment to always be there for her, especially when she needs him the most. This moment of tenderness between siblings is a reminder of the special connection they share.

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Brother’s friends see Angelina crying and comment on it, brother explains she cried all night.

Angelina’s Emotional State

Angelina’s tears catch the attention of Brother’s friends as they notice her crying. This unexpected display of emotion raises concern and prompts comments from the friends who are curious about the reason behind her tears.

Brother’s Explanation

Brother steps in to provide an explanation for Angelina’s tears, informing his friends that she had been crying all night. This revelation sheds light on the situation and gives context to Angelina’s emotional state.

Friend’s Reactions

Upon learning about Angelina’s night of crying, Brother’s friends may react with empathy, understanding, or a desire to offer support. Their initial comments about Angelina’s crying may shift as they realize the extent of her emotional turmoil.

Support and Understanding

As Brother shares more details about Angelina’s emotional state, his friends may offer support, comfort, or simply a listening ear. This moment of vulnerability and openness can strengthen the bond between Brother, Angelina, and their friends.

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Brother soothes Angelina by swaying her and comforting her with gentle words.

Brother’s Comfort

Brother noticed Angelina’s distress and immediately took action to soothe her. He gently swayed her back and forth, providing a sense of calm and security through the motion. As he swayed, Brother spoke soft, comforting words to Angelina, reassuring her that everything would be alright. His gentle tone and comforting words helped to ease Angelina’s fears and anxieties.

Angelina’s Response

Feeling the comforting touch and hearing the soothing words from her brother, Angelina began to relax. The tension in her body started to release as she allowed herself to be enveloped in Brother’s care and support. With each sway and each comforting word, Angelina felt more at ease and less overwhelmed by her emotions.

Brother’s Constant Support

Throughout the ordeal, Brother remained by Angelina’s side, providing continuous comfort and support. His unwavering presence and caring gestures helped Angelina to find the strength to face her fears and overcome the challenges ahead. Brother’s love and compassion were a source of strength for Angelina, guiding her through moments of uncertainty and doubt.

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