Ahsoka Treats Anakin Like a Child

1. Ahsoka’s Perspective

As Ahsoka contemplates her interactions with Anakin, she finds herself grappling with conflicting emotions. On one hand, she looks up to him as a mentor and respects his skills as a Jedi Knight. On the other hand, she often finds herself treating him like a child. This dynamic in their relationship can be traced back to their early days together, where Anakin took on the role of a big brother figure for the young Padawan.

Despite Ahsoka’s growth and development as a Jedi in her own right, she still can’t shake the tendency to patronize Anakin at times. This sense of protectiveness towards him can be seen as both a strength and a weakness in their bond. While it shows the depth of their connection and her concern for his well-being, it also highlights a certain lack of faith in his abilities to handle situations on his own.

As Ahsoka reflects on these feelings, she realizes that her perception of Anakin as needing guidance and protection may stem from her own insecurities. Perhaps deep down, she fears that without her watchful eye, Anakin may succumb to the darker temptations that plague all Jedi. This realization serves as a reminder for Ahsoka to trust in Anakin’s strength and to treat him as an equal, rather than a child in need of constant supervision.

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2. Anakin’s Reactions

Anakin’s initial annoyance quickly dissipates as he observes Ahsoka’s actions more closely. At first, he felt perplexed by her seemingly rash decision to jump into the fray without consulting him first. However, as he watches her skillfully navigate the situation and trusts in her abilities, his annoyance transforms into a sense of amusement. He begins to see the humor in Ahsoka’s boldness and determination, recognizing the fiery spirit that he himself had once possessed as a young Jedi.

As Anakin reflects on their Master-Padawan bond, he realizes that Ahsoka’s actions are not only a testament to her skill and bravery but also a reflection of the trust and connection they share. Despite her independent nature, Ahsoka’s actions demonstrate that she values their partnership and relies on Anakin’s guidance as her mentor.

Anakin’s amusement grows as he witnesses the way Ahsoka’s actions complement his own, filling in the gaps where he may have hesitated or overlooked. Their teamwork becomes a dance of synchronicity, each anticipating the other’s moves with a sense of unspoken understanding that comes only from years of working together.

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3. Learning Moments

Throughout their interactions, both Ahsoka and Anakin experience numerous learning moments that shape their understanding of trust, humility, and mentorship. Ahsoka, as a young and inquisitive Padawan, learns the importance of trust in both her own abilities and in her relationship with her master, Anakin. Through various trials and challenges, she comes to understand that trusting in herself and in others is crucial for growth and development.

On the other hand, Anakin learns valuable lessons in humility through his interactions with Ahsoka. As a Jedi Knight and mentor, he realizes that he still has much to learn and that even the most skilled individuals can benefit from the perspectives of others. Ahsoka’s unique approach to problem-solving and her unwavering dedication to the Jedi Code serve as a constant reminder to Anakin of the importance of remaining humble and open to alternative viewpoints.

Furthermore, both Ahsoka and Anakin experience the nuances of mentorship through their interactions. Ahsoka learns valuable skills and lessons from Anakin, while also offering her own insights and wisdom in return. This dynamic exchange of knowledge and experience highlights the reciprocal nature of mentorship and the importance of being open to learning from those around you.

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4. Bond Strengthened

Throughout their journey, Ahsoka and Anakin faced numerous challenges that put a strain on their relationship. Initially, Ahsoka’s unconventional methods and Anakin’s strict adherence to the rules created misunderstandings between them. However, as they worked together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, their bond gradually strengthened.

Ahsoka’s unique approach to problem-solving often led to innovative solutions that Anakin had not considered. While initially resistant to her ideas, Anakin began to see the value in her perspective. He admired her bravery and determination, qualities that reminded him of his younger self. As they faced increasingly dangerous missions, their trust in each other grew, forming a strong foundation for their partnership.

Despite their differences, Ahsoka and Anakin complemented each other’s skills and strengths. Ahsoka’s quick thinking and adaptability balanced out Anakin’s impulsiveness and tendency to take risks. They learned to anticipate each other’s actions, communicating effectively without words. Together, they became a formidable team, able to overcome even the most daunting challenges.

As they continued on their journey, Ahsoka and Anakin’s bond deepened, evolving into a strong and unshakable connection. Their shared experiences forged a bond that transcended words, a bond that would sustain them through the darkest of times. In the end, Ahsoka’s unique approach not only strengthened her bond with Anakin but also made them an even stronger team, ready to face whatever the galaxy threw their way.

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