Abdulrahman’s NDT Inspection Evaluation

1. Overview of Evaluation

I have had the opportunity to closely observe Abdulrahman as he executed various Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods. These methods include Penetrant Testing (PT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Positive Material Identification (PMI), hardness checks, and visual inspection. Abdulrahman has shown a high level of proficiency and understanding in applying these techniques accurately and effectively.

In addition to the NDT methods, Abdulrahman has also demonstrated his skill in leak detection using the VPAC-II equipment. His ability to identify and locate leaks efficiently showcases his expertise in this area. Furthermore, Abdulrahman has been involved in Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) bench test inspections, where he has displayed a thorough understanding of the process and attention to detail.

Throughout his training and practical application of these methods, Abdulrahman has consistently shown dedication to learning and improving his skills. His commitment to performing high-quality inspections and tests is evident in his work. With his experience in a range of NDT methods and equipment, Abdulrahman is well-equipped to carry out these activities with precision and reliability.

Abdulrahman performing NDT inspections with various equipment

2. Assessment of Abdulrahman’s Performance

Having meticulously reviewed Abdulrahman’s personal statements and the evidence he provided, I am confidently assured of his ability to carry out these tasks autonomously. His performance in various assignments, including On-Stream inspection, Off-Stream inspection during the Feb 2023 MTBE Turnaround/Alteration (T/A), PSV inspection, and Vendor Inspection for Air Fin Cooler AR-204C, has consistently demonstrated his competence.

Abdulrahman has shown a clear understanding of the inspection processes and has executed them with precision and proficiency. His attention to detail and commitment to meeting the required standards have been commendable throughout each task. Whether it is visual inspections, thickness gauging, or more complex tasks like vendor inspections, Abdulrahman’s performance reflects his capability to handle diverse inspection procedures effectively.

His ability to work independently and make sound decisions while adhering to safety protocols and industry standards is commendable. Abdulrahman’s consistent demonstration of expertise and dedication in performing inspections underscores his readiness to take on challenging assignments. I have full confidence in Abdulrahman’s skills and competence to excel in his role as an NDT inspector.

Abdulrahman excelling in NDT inspections with diverse tasks

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