A Sausage Seller’s Fortune


A man loses his job and decides to set up a street stall to sell sausages.

This section introduces the main protagonist of the story who faces a setback in the form of losing his job. The man’s response to this adversity is to take matters into his own hands and start a new venture by setting up a street stall to sell sausages. This decision showcases his resilience and determination to overcome challenges and adapt to new circumstances in order to support himself.

The choice of selling sausages at a street stall reflects the man’s resourcefulness and practical approach to generating income. By opting for a food item that is popular and easily marketable, he demonstrates an understanding of consumer preferences and the potential for profitability in the food industry.

The act of setting up a street stall also implies a sense of independence and entrepreneurship on the part of the man. Instead of waiting for another job opportunity to come his way, he takes initiative and creates his own business opportunity. This initiative not only helps him to support himself financially but also allows him to regain a sense of control over his own destiny.

Overall, this section sets the stage for the protagonist’s journey of self-reliance and perseverance as he navigates the challenges of starting a new business from scratch.

Colorful abstract painting with geometric shapes and bright colors


The number of customers at the street stall increases.

Pink flowers in a field under the blue sky


The man begins to make a fortune from selling sausages.

Birds eye view of city skyline at sunset

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