A Regency Love Story: Prince Kanan and Miss Tiana


Upon her return after twelve long years, Tiana is finally back home. As she steps foot into familiar surroundings, a flood of memories rushes back. The streets, the houses, and the people all seem both unchanged and unfamiliar at the same time.

One person she was especially eager to reconnect with was her childhood friend, Prince Kanan. They had spent countless hours playing and exploring together, but as time passed, they had lost touch. Now, standing face to face with him after all these years, Tiana couldn’t help but notice how much they had both changed.

Prince Kanan, once a mischievous boy with a twinkle in his eye, had now grown into a composed young man with a sense of responsibility. Tiana, on the other hand, had blossomed into a confident and independent woman. The differences between them were stark, but amidst it all, there was a sense of familiarity that bound them together.

As they exchanged stories and caught up on each other’s lives, Tiana marveled at the journey that had led them to this point. The reunion was bittersweet, a blend of nostalgia for the past and anticipation for the future. Both Tiana and Prince Kanan had grown into different individuals, but perhaps in that divergence, they could find a new connection.

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2. Keeping Up Appearances

Despite their strong connection, Kanan and Tiana put on a facade of unfamiliarity, concealing their true emotions towards each other. The charade they maintain is a way to protect themselves and the fragile balance of their relationship. By pretending not to remember each other vividly, they create a safe distance that allows them to navigate their interactions without revealing their true feelings.

This act of pretending serves as a shield against the vulnerability that comes with acknowledging the depth of their connection. It allows them to maintain a sense of control over their emotions and the direction of their relationship. However, beneath the surface of their feigned ignorance lies a torrent of emotions waiting to burst forth.

As they continue to play the part of strangers, Kanan and Tiana find themselves entangled in a web of suppressed feelings and unspoken truths. The tension between what they show on the outside and what they feel on the inside creates a dynamic that is both captivating and frustrating.

Despite their best efforts to keep up appearances, cracks begin to form in their carefully constructed facade. The more they try to hide their true selves, the more they realize that their shared past can’t be erased. The inevitable clash between their facades and their true emotions is on the horizon, threatening to shatter the delicate balance they have worked so hard to maintain.

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3. Forbidden Feelings

As the bond between Kanan and Tiana deepens, their love for each other becomes undeniable. Despite the risks that come with their forbidden relationship, they find themselves unable to resist the overwhelming emotions that fill their hearts.

With each passing day, they grow closer than ever before, their connection intensifying beyond mere friendship. As members of high society in the Regency era, Kanan and Tiana are acutely aware of the potential scandal their affection could bring.

Yet, the magnetic pull between them proves too strong to ignore, defying the strict conventions of the time. They navigate the treacherous waters of society with caution, balancing the desire to be together with the fear of judgment from their peers.

As they continue to walk the fine line between propriety and their own feelings, Kanan and Tiana find solace in each other’s presence, cherishing every stolen moment they can share. Their forbidden love serves as a testament to the power of passion and the lengths one will go to for true happiness.

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