A Night with BTS Suga

1. The Wish

A Korean girl named y/n wishes for a love life one night in her bedroom, doubting that God will hear her.

Y/n, a young woman living in Seoul, lay in her bed late one night, the room bathed in the soft glow of her bedside lamp. Restless thoughts swirled in her mind, her heart heavy with longing. She closed her eyes, clasping her hands together in a silent plea. “Please, let me experience true love,” she whispered into the darkness.

Y/n had always felt a deep yearning for a romantic connection, but fate seemed determined to keep her heart at bay. Doubt crept into her mind as she wondered if her desires would ever be heard. “Does God even listen to wishes like mine?” she mused, feeling a pang of loneliness.

As the night stretched on, y/n’s wish hung in the air, a delicate thread connecting her hopes and dreams to the vastness of the universe. The faintest glimmer of hope flickered in her chest, warming her from the inside out. She sent her heartfelt prayers into the night, trusting that somewhere beyond the stars, someone was listening.

With a sigh, y/n drifted off to sleep, her heart lighter than it had been in a long time. The wish had been made, and now all she could do was wait and see if it would come true.

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2. Divine Intervention

Following the twist of fate orchestrated by the divine, God intervenes to alter the course of y/n’s life. With a new plan in mind, the celestial being orchestrates a mysterious move that brings y/n to an unexpected destination.

That very night, y/n finds herself inexplicably transported to the bedroom of none other than BTS Suga. The room is adorned with memorabilia of the talented musician, and the atmosphere crackles with an otherworldly energy.

Confusion and disbelief grip y/n as she tries to make sense of her surreal surroundings. Questions buzz in her mind as she wonders about the reason behind this supernatural occurrence. Is there a specific purpose for her sudden presence in the idol’s room? And how will this unforeseen encounter impact y/n’s life and future?

As y/n grapples with the strange turn of events, she is left to navigate the uncharted waters of this divine intervention. What lessons will she learn from this unexpected journey, and what revelations await her in the company of BTS Suga?

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3. Unexpected Encounter

Suga, feeling the same desire as y/n, forces her into a situation she never expected.

As y/n walked down the dimly lit alleyway, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was following her. Her heart raced with each step she took, the darkness closing in around her. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around to face Suga, a look of desire in his eyes.

Before y/n could react, Suga pulled her closer, his lips only inches away from hers. She pushed against his chest, trying to break free from his grasp, but he was too strong. The adrenaline coursing through her veins as she found herself in a situation she never expected.

Her mind raced with a million thoughts as Suga’s grip tightened, his lips finally meeting hers in a rough, demanding kiss. She felt a surge of conflicting emotions – fear, desire, confusion – all swirling inside her as she tried to make sense of what was happening.

As the kiss lingered, y/n couldn’t deny the spark of passion that ignited deep within her. Despite the unexpected nature of the encounter, she couldn’t bring herself to pull away, secretly enjoying the thrill of the forbidden moment.

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