A New Name

1. Meeting Professor Snape

As the doors to Professor Snape’s potions classroom creaked open, a hush fell over the room. The students turned to see a tiny figure standing in the doorway, her wild hair framing a face filled with curiosity. It was a 4-year-old girl, her name a word that would make even the most seasoned wizard blush.

Professor Snape raised an eyebrow at the unexpected visitor, his black eyes narrowing with suspicion. “And who might you be?” he asked, his voice laced with a hint of danger.

Without missing a beat, the little girl sauntered into the room, her tiny feet barely making a sound on the stone floor. “I’m Trouble,” she declared boldly, a mischievous glint in her eye.

The students exchanged bewildered glances as Professor Snape’s lip curled in a slight sneer. “Well, Trouble, what brings you to my classroom?” he inquired sharply.

With a shrug of her shoulders, Trouble pointed to a cauldron simmering on the table. “I heard there was magic happening here, and I wanted to see for myself,” she explained with a grin.

Despite himself, Professor Snape couldn’t help but be intrigued by the fearless little girl standing before him. As he watched her eyes light up with wonder, a tiny smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

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2. Kindness in the Darkness

As the girl trembled in fear, Professor Snape’s cold exterior seemed to soften for a moment. He approached her with a warm greeting, surprising both the girl and those who witnessed the scene. In a rare display of kindness, he rescued her from the darkness that threatened to consume her. He offered her protection and comfort, providing her with a new name that symbolized a fresh start and a chance for a better future.

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3. A New Beginning

After escaping the abusive household, the young girl was taken in by Professor Snape, who introduced her to the magical world of Hogwarts. As she settled into her new life, she found solace in learning magic and forming friendships with her fellow students.

Under Professor Snape’s guidance, she discovered her own magical abilities and began to excel in her studies. The once lonely girl now found herself surrounded by classmates who accepted her for who she was and supported her in her magical education.

Despite the challenges she faced adjusting to her new life, the girl embraced each day as a fresh start, eager to explore the wonders of the magical world and deepen her understanding of the spellbinding forces at play. With each new spell she learned and each new friend she made, she felt a sense of belonging and purpose that she had never experienced before.

As she navigated the halls of Hogwarts, the girl embarked on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering hidden talents and forging unbreakable bonds with her classmates. With Professor Snape by her side, she embarked on a new beginning filled with magic, friendship, and endless possibilities.

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