A Balancing Act

1. Introduction

In a traditional society of Pakistan, a 30-year-old woman finds herself in an unexpected situation where she is forced to marry her 21-year-old uneducated male cousin against her wishes.

The setting of this story is deeply rooted in the cultural norms and expectations of Pakistan, where arranged marriages are common and often prioritize family and societal expectations over individual desires. The protagonist, a 30-year-old woman, represents the struggle faced by many individuals in similar situations who are forced into marriages that are not of their choosing.

The age and educational disparity between the woman and her cousin also highlight the power dynamics that exist within such marriages. The fact that the cousin is younger and less educated places the woman in a vulnerable position, where she may feel trapped and unable to assert her own autonomy and desires.

This introduction sets the stage for a narrative that explores themes of tradition, familial obligations, gender roles, and the challenges faced by individuals who must navigate these complex dynamics. It foreshadows the conflict that the protagonist will grapple with as she is thrust into a marriage that goes against her own wishes and desires. Through this story, we are invited to reflect on the impact of cultural expectations and societal norms on individual agency and autonomy.

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2. Initial Struggles

The woman, who holds a high-ranking government job, struggles to accept her husband who does not treat her well due to her mother’s insistence. He becomes a househusband as he is uneducated.

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3. Family Dynamics

After two years of marriage, they have twin kids. The woman continues to excel in her career, receiving promotions, while her husband becomes a devoted homemaker, taking care of the children and his mother-in-law.

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4. Daily Routine

A typical day in their marriage involves the woman being busy with work, leaving little time for family. The husband navigates his fear of his wife’s domineering personality while managing household responsibilities.

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